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“No outside power can or should impose on this transition. It is up the Syrian people to chose their own leaders in a democratic system based on the rule of law. We understand the strong desire of the Syrian people that no foreign country should intervene in their struggle. We respect their wishes.”

-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (via CNN)

“No one is safe in this area. We are asking the world to watch and intervene. We hope for international intervention, and we need a military intervention, because we need to stop the mass killing. We need to stop the acts and we need to sort it out. We are really sick and tired. we need people to help us with the people who were killed in the streets.”

- Residents of Latakia Syria (via Al Jazeera)

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I made a playlist about the end of a love.

1. Don't I Hold You by Wheat
Don't I hold you like you want to be held/ And don't I treat you like you want/ And don't I love you like you want to be loved.

2. It Don't Matter to the Sun by Rosie Thomas
So what can I say?/ What can I do?/I'm still in love/ Why aren't you?

3. I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt
Mornin' will come/ And I'll do what's right/ Just give me till then/ To give up this fight.

4. Take The Box by Amy Winehouse
I came home this evening and nothing felt like how it should be/I feel like writing you a letter but that is not me/ You know me.

5. Bluebird by Sara Bareilles
I told him I saw this coming/ That I'd practically packed up my things/I was glad at the time that I said I was fine/ But all honesty knows, I wasn't ready.

6. Call Me On Your Way Back Home by Ryan Adams
Oh baby why do I miss you like I do/ Oh I miss my sweet/ And the birds all singing blue/And white.

7. I'll Be Waiting by Adele
I'll be waiting for you when you're ready to love me again/ I put my hands up/ I'll do everything different/ I'll be better to you.

8. Rewind by Diane Birch
I saw you on the corner holding hands with someone new/ Happy as a boy could be/ Love was in your eyes and yeah she looked the same way too/ It's funny that was almost me.

9. Accidental Babies by Damien Rice
But do you really feel alive without me?/ If so, be free/ If not, leave him for.

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